CITIMAGE DESIGN was founded at Toronto at 2019. Obsessed by the complexity and indeterminacy of the contemporary cities, we are focusing to breed concrete architectural form from our knowledge based on the observation and critical thinking of contemporary society. Through our practice, we believe through the  innovative power of social context, we can transform people and the way they live, while striking a new balance between the order and chaos,  man-made and nature.
CITIMAGE DESIGN is practice office, we offer the service of architecture design, interior design, landscape design and urban design. As a research studio, we have interest on academic researches, exhibitions, publications and any other kind of knowledge producing process. As a consultant company, we develop concept and strategies emphasis on the city development and urban transformation. As an association, we work as a platform for young architects to collaborate communicate and to share the knowledge.

邑向设计于2019年成立于多伦多。有感于当下社会的多样性,复杂性与不确定性,我们试图将自己对日常生活的观察为起点, 以与理论研究为支撑,从城市中汲取灵感,反哺于我们的建筑实践当中。 我们希望通过我们不懈研究与探索,在无序有序,人造与自然中找到和谐共生的平衡点。 

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2220 Lakeshore Boulevard West, Toronto, Ontario, M8Y 0C1